8 Things I like about being a realtor

1. You're able to set your own schedule. Work nights or days or weekends it's up to you. 

2. You get to meet lots of nice people of all walks of life. Some of these will become lifelong friends.

3. You get to see beautiful homes and properties for sale. You will always see something in a home that gives you ideas of things you can do in your own home. 

4. Unlimited income potential. You decide how much you can make by  how you run your business.

5.You get to work with some other great real estate agents. It's always fun to work with a great agent on a transaction. It makes the process go smoothly for all parties. 

6. You get to be part of the joy of a first time home buyer closing on their new home. Seeing their smiles and enjoyment is priceless. 

7. You can work remotely. If you have kids or have a longer commute this helps with the flexibility of your schedule. 

8. It's never boring. Things are always changing. Each day brings something new. You're constantly learning.