5 Tips For Getting Your Home Ready For The Winter Months!


It’s already November and you know what that means, the Winter months are approaching! That being said, it is crucial that you get ready before the unpredictable snowy weather. There are plenty of home maintenance tips that will save you big time and we have the list! 


The list contains plenty of must-do’s, which are the ones that will save you not only money on your energy bill, but also the cost of any expensive repairs down the road if you do not get ready beforehand. 


Are you ready for the list? Well let’s go -- 


  1. Take care of your wood floors

The snow and dirt can cause a complete mess on wood floors. Before you let that happen, be sure to mop, sweep, or dust regularly or place mats and rugs in the highest traffic areas in your home. If not, rock salt can cause serious damage to your floors such as serious scratches and cracked floorboards. 


  1. Clean your oven

It’s to no surprise that homemade food is even more popular in the Winter months so this is a big tip that should not be overlooked! Make sure to DEEP CLEAN your oven and stovetops. The oven and vents can easily turn into the dirtiest feature in your kitchen because they collect a lot of grime and grease. Not only should you deep clean your oven once and awhile, but clean it regularly between every home cooked meal. 


  1. Check out your home’s heating and air conditioning system(s)

Before the weather turns cold, this is the perfect time to change your filters at the very least. Or, if you have a programmable thermostat, you should set your temperatures for the winter to save on heating costs. Make sure to also check the batteries and change them if needed!


Extra tip: Weatherproof your windows to save even more on heating. You can do so by removing any old caulking.


  1. Consider a roof inspection

It is important to check for missing shingles, roof tiles, and damage as part of winter roof maintenance. A damaged roof can not only cause high energy bills during the winter months, but can also cause water damage in your attic or top-room floors. If you can, reach out to professional roof repairs and inspections because they will know exactly what to look for.


  1. Clean your gutters

Once the leaves stop falling, you know it’s time to clean those gutters! If not, it could create all kinds of problems. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this because if you do, the water running down your home can speed up the deterioration of your exterior. This may be the last tip, but it sure is one of the biggest tips you need to follow!


These are just 5 of the most crucial tips you should follow when preparing for the Winter months. If you’d like some more tips, or are in need of hiring professional help, we are happy to assist!