I have always had an interest in real estate. My dad is a general contractor who builds houses and when I was growing up I was able to visit him on different job sites. I loved imagining how the 2 x 4 walls would look when a house was completed.

After seeing his work, I would go home and draw “blueprints” of my dream home. I thought maybe I would be an architect, but my life took a different turn.

My career journey led me to the medical field and I am currently a Medical Laboratory Technician, along with a Realtor. I really do enjoy my job and coworkers, but I am always wishing I could have a more flexible schedule.

A little over two years ago, my husband, daughter, and I moved to Grand Rapids. We had been searching for a home for a long time before we found one that checked off most of our “boxes”. Even though we were relieved to find our home, I still wished I could go look at homes. I loved envisioning how I could personalize them.

As fate would have it, my sister-in-law decided to write a course for Real Estate Virtual Assistants, along with a Realtor and his VA. I took the course hoping to land a job where I could work from home. 

After meeting with a few Realtors in the area, I met Deb at Century 21 Land of Lakes who convinced me to go get my Realtor’s license. 

I took her advice and met with Michelle and Jim, my brokers at Century 21 and felt like it would be a good fit. I am very glad that I took this journey, and am looking forward to working with my clients to make their buying and selling journeys as seamless as possible!


Megan Porth, Realtor®

Century 21 Land of Lakes