Why YOU should become a Real Estate Agent

In today’s uncertain job market, you may be searching for (or curious about) a new job venture with more security. Are you looking for a way of making more money or having freedom and flexibility at your job? A real estate profession may be the answer to this.


2020 was a record-hitting year for the real estate market. Nationally, home sales increased by 27% and buyer demand remained stronger than ever. Low mortgage rates, which dropped from 3.90 to 2.90 over the year, were offset by low inventory. Because of these factors, home prices rose an average of 16%! In Minnesota specifically, there were over 83,824 home sales last year, a nearly 10% increase over last year, according to the Minnesota Association of Realtors (MAR).


Real estate agents were busier than ever in 2020 and many saw their own personal best year. Strong growth is expected in 2021 for housing sales, rents, and home prices - national surveys have suggested that as the economy begins to improve, buyers are looking to spend more money. What does all of this mean? The new year is a very good time to become a real estate agent - and here are the reasons why you should consider becoming one yourself.


1. You get to be your own boss

A real estate profession is one of the very few that you are your own boss and work on your own terms. You have a flexible daily schedule and can decide what you do and when you do it - as well as a flexible vacation schedule in which you can vacation and return whenever you decide. Say goodbye to limited PTO! Becoming a real estate agent also gives you location independence, so you can work from home, your office, your car… anywhere you want! You decide how to manage your time, priorities, and how you reach your goals.


2. Choosing real estate can be a quick process compared to other careers, and you don’t need a college degree

Compared to other careers, such as becoming a lawyer or surgeon, becoming a real estate agent is less-time consuming and no college degree is required. This doesn’t mean that it’s an easy choice, but simply that there are accessible educational opportunities that people of varied backgrounds can use to their advantage. All you need is to be 18 years old, have a social security number, and a few other basic requirements. You can even take classes online for further convenience!


3. There’s earning potential, and your business is scalable

One of the best parts about real estate is that there is no limit to how much you can make, like a typical salary-based job. Because you are your own boss and decide how much (and how hard) you work, you are in total control of your earnings. Success will not come overnight, or easily. Real estate is hard work, but if you put in the effort and time it will show. Your real estate business has potential to grow beyond a five- or six-figure income - the sky's the limit!


4. Real estate professionals help people during major life milestones

If you are someone who likes to help others, you will find much satisfaction in real estate. From a new couple buying their first house to families buying a vacation home, you will help people through a new stage in their lives and you can truly be part of a community. When working with clients in real estate,

you sometimes have to wear multiple hats: part counselor, part life coach, and sometimes part mentor. That can be rewarding for those who have a passion for giving back.


5. Real estate is always changing and you never stop learning

Many people dread the idea of sitting in a cubicle doing the same thing every single day - but real estate is far from that. Although an office setting may be a part of your daily work routine, you will always be out in new settings and environments, showing different homes or scoping out new neighborhoods. The real estate industry is also ever-changing in terms of information and trends. As a real estate agent you are constantly adapting to different markets, new trends, and different types of clients with various personalities and challenges. For some, this can be incredibly exciting! No day is the same when working in real estate.


6. Real estate allows you to meet new people and opens doors to unique opportunities

One of the most significant advantages of getting your real estate license is that you will have the opportunity to meet all types of people - including people you otherwise would never ordinarily meet. A career in real estate is the perfect way to be social, network, and learn about people from all different walks of life. In real estate, networking is a crucial part of becoming successful and making more money. As your sphere of influence grows, you will meet more people and acquire more leads. You never know who you might meet, and what opportunities they potentially might have to offer you!


If you are a social, hard-working person who wants to make a difference in others’ lives while bettering your own, real estate is for you! Now is the time to start reaching your full potential and do something rewarding. Don’t wait! If you are interested in going for your real estate license and have questions about being an agent or about the process to become one, we are here to help.